LACRIM X FREDO X 3ROBI Not my dons English lyrics

Verse 3 (3robi) :
Coming mad motherfucker just like Hanegem
Tiny team, big guns, letting it rain
Making steps like Verstappen and my bro is scary
Amsterdam many robberies
On the motherfucking street, so much crack
Fully Louis and i’m with Jack
Little boy to the top, they thought i was crazy
Wahed dinyemok eh zehbi mshit3h7k
I’m with Titi and my bro and with Lacrim
I’m with Hakim and with anti
I’m with Calibabra and i’m smoking (?)
I can come in with shotty
Casablanca with a weird stack
Airmax, Smith & Wesson on it’s place
i’m with (?), only work i want to see money fuck chipat (chipatos)

LACRIM, FREDO, 3ROBI – Not my dons, English lyrics

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